Ballon Rouge (2013)

Ballon Rouge (2013)




Resin and Metal

13x8x10 inches


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French painter and sculptress, has spent much of his professional life to art education for both children and teenagers and adults through dissimilar workshops in cultural centers and in her own studio. Her work extends even to sculpture lessons for children with school problems (2003-2006) of Pierre Ronsard College in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France. Widely sought to expose in collective exhibitions and salons, she has earned several awards at events like the Alfort House Salon (First Sculpture Prize) and Chevry Cossigny Salon 2009 (Sculpture Prize).

With a style that reminds us of the painting of the early twentieth century, the central theme is man: his daily dynamics, environment and relationships, but not shown in their individuality but in his humanity as part of that great mass which is the society. Sculpture instead advocates the individual being, spirituality and inner world, through the oneiric, playful and childish. Using resin and metal, and with small touches of red, she creates playful girls making round or jumping rope in order to exploring childhood as an evocation of tenderness, hope and human betterment.