Venus Mulata (2000)

Venus Mulata (2000)





15×7.5×6 inches


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Alberto Lescay (Cuba, 1950)

Graduated in Painting (1968), and Sculpture (1973) at National Art School. He became an Art Professor (1979) in San Petersburg, Russia. Such studies gave him the tools to carry out more than 35 solo shows and participate in several collective exhibits, in Cuba and abroad. He was the founder and creator of the Caguayo Foundation for Monumental and Applied Arts that lies in his hometown Santiago.

His work both pictorial and sculptural represents human and animal figures, ranging between abstraction and expressionism, connected with the Orishas, popular beliefs and Cuban identity, as a synthesis of the legacy of African culture in the Caribbean. He prefers large formats, and most of his sculpture tends to be monumental. There is a marked tendency to verticality and the sensation of movement.