Primavera IV

Primavera IV


mixed media
70×47 inches
Figurative abstraction

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Michel Mirabal (Cuba, 1974)

Graduated in Visual Arts at the Fine Arts National Academy San Alejandro (1996), studied in New York at the Rockefeller Scholarship (1997) and specialized in Industrial Design at the High Institute of Design in Havana. Worked as a scenery painter for the Cuban National Ballet Company, and for the Production Department of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC).

Through its reflective of Cuban flags, created from petals and barbed wire paints, he expresses. The questioning of the official speeches, the play with patriotic symbols and the metaphors through real elements such as rice, bullet casings, and barbed wire, are some of the resources used to create reflective pieces, open to different interpretations in dependence on whoever contemplated.